Ceramic Coat

Ceramic Coat

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Product Description:

Ceramic Coat is TACSYSTEM’s Premium Polymer Sealant, a type of coating but can be easily applied, in especially made for DIY purpose.

Ceramic Coat produces a deep, rich luster and glossy coating film, which enhances the water repellency and protects the paintwork from strong acid rain and UV.

Product Benefits:

Once applied, the bonding of the product and the surface enhances itself during the first 7 days, creating a super-gloss and hydrophobic surface!

Unlike carnauba waxes, Ceramic Coat is Ceramic Coat also lasts up to 9 months!


1.Remove oil and wax residue on paint surface. Best use TACSYSTEM OIL ZERO

2.Apply evenly using sponge or pads, draw circle, make sure paint surface is covered with Ceramic Coat

3.Wait approximately 10 minutes

4.Gently wipe off residues with Microfiber cloth

5.Ceramic Coat can be applied multi layer to achieve a thick coating film.

Please be aware of drying time during this process.