Metal Polish

Metal Polish

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Product Description:

TacSystem’s Metal Polish is a highly effective metal cleaner and polish engineered with corrosion prevention technology, which is left behind after polishing to help maintain a high level of gloss. Metal Polish will form a protective membrane for anti-pollution, cleans and shine all the metal surfaces instantly.

Product Benefits:

Metal Polish is capable of cleaning and polishing of all types of metals such as: stainless steel, bronze, copper, silver, chrome, and aluminum, while also protecting against tarnishing. Metal Polish can also acts as an protective film to prevent contaminants from collection on the surface after polishing.


1. Sparingly apply Metal Polish to the metal surface to be polished.

2. Gently massage the Metal Polish against the contaminated surface.

3. Use towel to wipe off the excess product.

4. To ensure there is no residue left of the products, wipe surface again with a clean micro fiber cloth

Tips / Alternate Uses:

If apply with polisher, it will cost less time, strengthen and get perfect efficiency.