Moon Light

Moon Light

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Product Description:

Moonlight is an oil-based topical maintenance coating, containing 25% SiO2. Moonlight lasts up to 9 months while greatly enhances gloss to vehicle surfaces. While, primarily used as a topper to SiO2 coatings, Moonlight functions as a highly durable stand alone coating.

Product Benefits:

A deep gloss with SiO2 protection that lasts up to twice as long as traditional waxes and sealants, Moonlight helps vehicles maintain that 'just detailed' look. Moonlight refreshes the surfaces with a hydrophobic layer.


Wear gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.

Any towel used to apply Moonlight hardens, therefore be aware of the towel after application.


Clean and dry all exterior vehicle surfaces thoroughly. Apply out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels.

1. With a dedicated microfiber suede or microfiber applicator pad, apply a small amount of moonlight to the applicator then begin to work it in, one panel at a time. It spreads out very well.

2. Once applied allow moonlight to dwell for within 1 minute, then using a clean soft microfiber towel, buff the surface until all excess product is removed.

* Moonlight requires 2 hours of cure time before water exposure.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

Moon Light can also be used as a topper to Tacsystem Si02 coatings. Additionally, it can be used as a drying aid (if vehicle is mostly dry) to quickly add topical protection. Moon Light can also be used to darken hard and faded exterior trim pieces.

Max Efficiency (not required): Use IR lamps at 50°C-60°C for 30 minutes.