Multi Cleaner
Multi Cleaner

Multi Cleaner

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Product Description:

Multi Cleaner is an highly effective all-purpose cleaning agent that can clean almost everything in/on our car, home or even in boats! Multi Cleaner effective for plastics, glasses, tiles, printers, fridges and many others. Its highly economical as Multi Cleaner allows you to easily and safely remove stains, dirt and debris without harming the surfaces.


Do not use on fabric convertible tops. Do not allow Multi Cleaner to dry on surfaces. Avoid using in direct sunlight. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. Always wear respirator & gloves during use. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical care.


1. Spray liberally onto clean micro fiber towel or use with a soft brush

2. Clean area with micro fiber towel or soft brush

3. Rinse well with water and dry area

Tips / Alternate Uses: Any general cleaning including household and boats.