Mystic Water Repellent (pH Balanced)

Mystic Water Repellent (pH Balanced)

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Product Description:

MYSTIC WATER REPELLENT (MWR) is an advanced car wash shampoo that deeply cleanses vehicle exterior surfaces and adds a hydrophobic silica sealant to the surface.

Product Benefits:

MWR is an extremely easy to use pH Neutral shampoo that gently removes topical contamination and protects the surface with a layer at the same time! MWR also adds gloss and slickness to the paint with a durability up to 1 month.


DO NOT apply MWR to hot surfaces, this will cause streaking which is difficult to remove. DO NOT allow MWR to dry on surfaces. Avoid using in direct sunlight. Use ONLY on Cool vehicle exterior surfaces.


1. Rinse the car thoroughly to remove topical contamination.

2. Prepare a wash bucket with 20ml (2 capful) of MWR or Use a foam lance with a dilution of 1:5~1:10

3. After foam is applied to surface, use wash media to clean the vehicle

4. Allow MWR to dwell for 3~5 minutes

5. Rinse well with water

Tips / Alternate Uses: Apply even with foam lance all over vehicle exterior.