One Step Master 150ml

One Step Master 150ml

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Product Description:

One Step Master is a silica paste sealant that provides a super slick, high gloss, super hydrophobic, and repels dirt & contaminants. Think of it as a highly concentrated version of Quartz Max, containing 20~25% SiO2.

Product Benefits:

One Step Master is designed as a both a coating maintenance topper or as a standalone silica sealant.


Wash vehicle thoroughly. Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels. After drying, apply One Step Master to a shaded cool panel and evenly distribute over the panel. Follow up with clean dry towel to buff off any excess product.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

One Step Master can also be used as a topper to Tac System Si02 coatings. Additionally, it can be used as a drying aid (if vehicle is mostly dry) to quickly add topical protection. One Step Master can also be used to darken hard and faded exterior trim pieces.