Quartz Max
Quartz Max

Quartz Max

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Product Description:

A simple to apply, wipe-on / wipe-off 5% SiO2 silica sealant, leaving vehicle vehicles protected and the surface glossy and silky smooth. Quartz Max is a simple streak free way to leave long lasting topical protection to your vehicle exterior surfaces.

Product Benefits:

Simple wipe on protection. A stand alone durable sealant or a great way to add layer-able protection on top of coatings to help aid coating longevity.


Wash vehicle thoroughly. Strongly recommended to be applied out of direct sun to cool vehicle panels. After drying, apply Quartz Max to a shaded cool panel and evenly distribute over the panel. Follow up with clean dry towel to buff off any excess product.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

Quartz Max can also be used as a topper to Tacsystem Si02 coatings. Additionally, it can be used as a drying aid (if vehicle is mostly dry) to quickly add topical protection. Quartz Max can also be used to darken hard and faded exterior trim pieces.

Max Efficiency (not required): Use IR lamps at 50°C-60°C for 30 minutes.