Refinish 2 Polishing Compound
Refinish 2 Polishing Compound

Refinish 2 Polishing Compound

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Product Description:

Refinish 2 is a very fine polish with the capability to take on much heavier defects than a traditional polish. R2 is a very efficient polish which, after following up Refinish 1, leaves the surface free of fine defects and micro-marring while leaving paint super glossy and reflective. Refinish 2’s cut and gloss characteristics make it ideal for all types of paintwork in especially to water-based paint. During this stage with Refinish 2, it will remove medium scratches, water spots and refining out machine holograms or swirl marks that might caused by step 1 leveling of paint correction.

Product Benefits:

Refinish 2 is a paint correction polish formulated with non-diminishing abrasives of both natural resin and highly durable silica particles. R2 has the ability to remove 1500grit sanding scratches, light topical defects, light water spots, swirl marks and light scratches. R2 also enhances the level of gloss during the paint correction process. R2 is a low dusting, silicone free, and body shop safe product.


1. Shake product well before using.

2. Start with a new or clean pad. Used or dirty pads may obtain contaminants that can scratch the surface.

3. Distribute product evenly over the pad surface to ensure all portions of the pad are ready for correction.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

Refinish 2 can be used with Rotary or Dual Action Polishers, or by hand. Clean pads often for best results. Dirty pads being to scour paint when filled up with too much paint residue from the correction process.