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Product Description:

REFRESH of TACSYSTEM is a powerful deodorizer with a strong and excellent persisting effect. Refresh is high effective in removing different source of odors such as cigarettes, pets and fumes. Refresh holds a special efficacy that can efficiently prevent odors from permeating in the upholstery and interior of the vehicle.

Product Benefits:

Refresh is colourless, comes with a slight lemon scent and is a eco-friendly

product which does not have any negative impact on human body, hence

Refresh can be used by those who are allergic or sensitive to chemicals. It is

also suitable for people who are allergic.


1. Shake well before use, and spray evenly into the interior (approximately 20cm apart)

2. Let it evaporate

3. (Optional for strong odors) After 10 minutes, re-spray Refresh and circulate interior with air-condition

4. Repeat 1 & 2 steps if odor is persistent.