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Product Description:

SEAL makes tires Amazingly look like new!

TACsystem's SEAL is a water-based protective coating for plastics, rubber, and leather. SEAL restores the appearance of surfaces and keeping them looking good with a strong UV and hydrophobic protection. Best of all, SEAL lasts up to three months!

Product Benefits:

The sun is not good on flexible materials, like rubber, plastic, and leather. Gradually they fade and become crack. You have to applying a protectant every week or two. But SEAL provides excellent protection and lasts up to three months. High grade UV protection maintains the supple feel and original color of treated surfaces. Plus, SEAL had revive dull, faded rubber, plastics, vinyl, acrylic, and leather. These surfaces are non-greasy, non-sticky satin shine.

SEAL will not damage tires or dry out plastic. It is even safe on leather. SEAL stops leather cracking and protects it from dirt and stains. Surfaces treated with SEAL will require only less cleaning and they will retain as new look.


1. Clean the surface from dirt oil & dust.

2. Dilution ratio - (SEAL : Water)

Tires/Rubber - Undiluted 1:1
Plastics - 1:3
Engine - 1:1~3
Interior / Dashboard / Leather - 1:5
Use to pour into spray bottle.

3. Shake well the bottle, spray on surface

4.Wipe off, Tires / Rubber can be applied with sponge applicator.