Total One Essential
Total One Essential

Total One Essential

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Product Description:

Total One Essential is TacSystem formulated polishing and glazing compound specially for water based paintwork, which is only 0.6µm~1µm in size, and it has a unique aggressive cutting force, yet it allows extreme high gloss in the finishing step.It can produce an extreme gloss finish and remove fine swirl marks and holograms.It perfectly blends in with TacSystem Quartz Coating ,add layer of Sio2 Quartz protection ,and produce extremely high gloss.

Total One Essential by TacSystem is a polish, gloss monster, glaze, and pre-coating primer - all in one. Formulated to leave semi permanent fillers and a layer of SiO2 quartz protection behind, Total One Essential enables detailers and enthusiasts to significantly cut down working time by combining multiple steps into one.

Product Benefits:

Total One Essential is a unique blend of nanotechnology Quartz, high gloss durable resins, and fine abrasives that are blended together at a microscopic level to form a product to increase detailing efficiency while improving overall results! Use Total One Essential to save time and cut down total vehicle working time. For super finicky or towel marring paint Total One Essential enables the detailer to polish, wipe then to apply the coating-- with no intermediate oil removal step in between!

Total One Essential also leaves a perfectly smooth, deep, reflective, primed layer to build on with any TacSystem Coating! No longer is it necessary to use Oil Zero to prep the surface prior to coating. The primer resins and bonders within Total One Essential make the application of any TacSystem Quartz Coating easier than ever before with seamless tight bonds, forming a shell of Extreme Gloss and protection!


1. Shake product well before using.

2. Apply to pad of your choice onto working section.

3. Clean pads frequently after each working section since used pads may obtain contaminants from polishing that will scour the surface. Previously used pad may contain contaminants that can scratch the surface.

4. Once applied with a polisher on a working section, allow it to dwell 1-2 min before wiping off.

Tips / Alternate Uses:

Total One Essential can be used with Rotary or Dual Action Polishers, or by hand. Clean pads often for best results. Dirty pads being to scour paint when filled up with too much paint residue from the correction process.

It can be used as a stand-alone LSP or topped with Quartz Max for a quick and effective layer of protection and gloss.