TR.ZR (Tar and Iron Remover)

TR.ZR (Tar and Iron Remover)

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Product Description:

TR.ZR is a combination of both Tar and Iron remover, saving your time and costs. TR.ZR is an all-in-one extremely powerful degreaser that is designed to remove tar, iron, dirt and grime for any vehicle exterior surface. TR. ZR is a pH-Neutral based chemical that is formulated to dissolve the contaminants in order to protect the paint finish from their corrosive ability.

TACSYSTEM's TR.ZR is a paint contamination duo, removing tar and ferrous iron deposits in one step!

Product Benefits:

TACSYSTEM's TR.ZR is a strong tar and iron decontamination cleaner suitable for all vehicle exterior surfaces. TR.ZR dissolves iron particles and tar in order to protect vehicle finished from these potentially destructive contaminants. TR.ZR is a pH-neutral based chemical. TR.ZR Tar and Iron Remover is extremely easy to use.


Do not use on fabric convertible tops. Do not allow TR.ZR to dry on surfaces. Avoid using in direct sunlight. Use ONLY on Coolvehicle exterior surfaces. Always wear respirator & gloves during use. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical care.


1. Shake bottle well before use.

2. Spray on surface, allow TR.ZR to dwell for 3- 5 minutes for product to react with contaminants.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry panel with clean micro fiber cloth.

4. Repeat action if panel or section is highly contaminated.