Water Spot Zero
Water Spot Zero

Water Spot Zero

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Product Description:

Water Spot Zero is possibly the most effective and easy to remove water spot, stubborn dirt and oxide layer. With its advanced formula, Water Spot Zero can be used on any surfaces that have been corrupted with acid rain, water stains and watermarks. Water Spot Zero eliminates the acid rain and water stains simply by spray-leave-rinse. It also delivers a fresh grape fragrance when applying.

Product Benefits:

Water Spot Zero eliminates water spots caused by mineral deposits or acid rain with a simple spray-on, dwell, and wipe-off procedure. It also delivers a fresh grape fragrance when applying. Water Spot Zero clears out the stains that embedded on the glass and enhances your visibility!


Do not use on fabric convertible tops. Do not leave on surfaces for more than 7minutes. Do not allow Water Spot Zero to dry on surfaces. Avoid using in direct sunlight. Use ONLY on Cool vehicle exterior surfaces. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water. Always wear respirator & gloves during use. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical care.


1. Shake bottle well before use.

2. Liberally Apply Water Spot Zero onto affected area.

3. Agitate with wash media or a clean micro fiber towel.

4. Wipe off with micro fiber towel or rinse thoroughly with water.

5. Repeat action if panel or section is highly contaminated.